Woman On Fire PinkEdition


In Honor of my Mom, Carolyn Ann and her sister Deloris Jean, The Woman On Fire Pink Edition Shirt was created….

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is vastly approaching and what better way to show your support and love for our Sisters!

Taking bulk orders from September 11th-22nd

In time for October Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Visit http://www.iamtrinettelcollier.com and place your orders there! Click Store and scroll down💕

Thank you to all that have purchased!

*A portion of sales will go to supplies needed for families of Breast Cancer patients*

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Relationship Stylist: Sisters of Today and Tomorrow

I had an absolute awesome time with some young ladies ages 10-16 today as they created their Book of Visions!

When I was introduced, Carla Morrison told them that I was a Relationship Coach and as soon as she left the room…oh my….The questions were asked!! 😂😂😂

From Boys to Robert Kelly to Donald Trump and MORE…they had many questions and concerns as young females and I was honored to be able to give them wise and healthy solutions/answers!

They didn’t even ask me how much money I make!! 🤪🤪😘

Giving back is what I’m Called to do!

Visit Sisters of Today and Tomorrow 11th National Leadership Conference for Girls for more information on how you can volunteer or donate!

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iamtrinettelcollier.com to book services